“This is not a Christian Brand.”

Make no mistake, Jerry Lorenzo has made it clear countless times - his now-famous fashion brand is not a direct expression of his devotion, nor is it a platform to promote the faith he holds.

The sleeveless flannels, the extra long tees, the tattered jeans, the instant hit collabs, the baggy jackets, and everything that Fear of God has done and stands for: they are mere carry-overs and representations of the things that Lorenzo appreciates the most - with the Higher power being one of them. The deft touch it has taken to bridge street inspirations and high fashion is something that is often attempted but almost never achieved as well as Fear of God does repeatedly. Jerry Lorenzo has led the charge of taking everyday pieces and elevating them to become more than just necessary, but desired.

Today, his brand’s unique mass appeal has earned him a seat at the high table of elite designers, but Lorenzo, as humble as he’s ever been, begs to differ. Coming from the icon himself, he is “more so trying to tell a story than design a collection.”

Lorenzo knows: this isn’t just his plan.