For Patta founders Edson Sabajo and Guillaume Schmidt, everything started with a simple hobby.

2004 was the year. “Out of love and necessity rather than profit and novelty”, the two known figures in the Dutch hip-hop scene explored different cities, bought vast amounts of rare sneakers that were unavailable in their hometown at the time, and came back to Amsterdam to fill the void. Suddenly, they stumbled upon something bigger than what they expected.

It’s a simple beginning that contrasts a lot of Patta’s storied success today. Fifteen years later, they are now pioneers of the streetwear culture in the Dutch scene - having collaborated with various sneaker giants while also eventually evolving their in-house brand.

The two masterminds behind the creative hub said it themselves - it’s their unwavering determination to make it happen, the just-do-it-yourself mentality, and their willingness to go against the grain that has taken them to where they are right now. At the top.