It’s been 30 years since the Bred IV burst onto the scene.

It’s been 30 years since The Shot.

Between then and now, these 30 individuals were born. They too, broke free, took their shots, and fistpumped their victories.

They were born for this.

Bred for this.

Introducing, TITAN’s #30UIVDER30

Juan Gomez de Liaño

Basketball Player

"I just wanna be known as a great competitor"

Edsel Uy

Content Creator

"I’d like to think that we (@pereastreet) kind of contributed to the shift in what good content is right now which is being authentic and being true to yourself."

Butta B


"I wanna contribute to the culture that I’m in; I want to push the music community and bring Manila sound everywhere."

Troy Rosario

Basketball Player

"Galing ako sa wala. ‘Di ako marunong mag-basketball nung nagsimula ako. Hard work lang. Pinag-igihan ko lang. Naniwala ako na hard work pays off."

Dave Ildefonso

Basketball Player

"I want to be one of the greats, I want to be the best, that’s really my goal."

Von Pessumal

Basketball Player

"I just wanna be known as somebody who is consistent and someone who doesn’t really have a lot of baggage with him. I just want to play and win."

Thirdy Ravena

Basketball Player

"I just want to be able to tell everyone that no one can stop them from chasing their dreams."

Van Valdez

Entrepreneur | Designer

"I wanna be known as someone who never cut corners, someone who always made products that are useful and at the same time, timeless."

Bea Fabregas

Radio DJ | Host

"I'm passionate about what I do because while not everyone is going to listen to what you have to say, you do have the power to impact the ones that do."

Abby Castelo

Social and Digital Content Strategist

"It has always been a goal for me to create meaningful content and spark conversations that turn into actions."

Rayver Cruz


"Gusto kong makapagpa-inspire pa ng maraming tao sa craft na ginagawa ko. Yun yung legacy na gusto kong iwan, makapag-inspire pa ng mga tao."

AC Lalata

Dance Artist

"I want to be remembered as a young, powerful woman, someone who’s not afraid of breaking out of the box."



"I've always wanted to show people and I've always wanted to prove to myself that you can live a life that you want to live and that you can create more than something that's really been forged before."

Dante x Amigo


"To everyone else out there, just keep shooting your own shots."

Trina Guytingco

Basketball Player

"The fact that I'm inspiring young girls to keep wanting to do what they wanna do, and keep fighting for the chance to play basketball — I think that's my 'The Shot' moment."

Ceej Tantengco

Advocate for Gender Equality in Sports

"I love what I do and I like to think that I'm sort of moving the needle forward in terms of repping the women in the sports industry."

LA Aguinaldo

Content Creator

"People are so scared to be different sometimes that inhibits us to become our full potential. Sometimes we just gotta try new things and see where it takes us."

Lari Gazmen


"I help people solve problems. To be able to successfully say that I made someone’s job easier, that’s a big deal for me."

Vico Sotto

Good Governance Advocate

"I want to be able to leave a legacy knowing that I was able to contribute to positive change in my community, in my city, in our nation to help bring a government that's more transparent, where people can participate freely, and where it's accountable to its people."

Gabs Gibbs

Makeup Artist

"Art in general has been a major part of my life, being in a family that works in the creative industry, I've always had a love for film, most especially what was happening behind the camera."